Sunday, 23 June 2013

What's In My Bag?

After finally getting a job on Tuesday, I decided to congratulate myself by finally replacing my old disintegrating handbag I have possessed for the past 2 years (you did a great job). Now that My new purchase has been lived in the for past 5 days I thought it would be best to write a what's in my bag post before I get the chance to destroy this new one! (won't take much for that to happen!)

This is the new purchase! It's a leather satchel with woven panels from TK Maxx for £29.99! I think with bags it's worthwhile splashing the cash a bit more, as it has survive daily use, go with most outfits, be multiseasonal and be big/strong enough to carry most girl junk!

The contents released!!
So far, I have managed to keep myself from hoarding rubbish in my bag (guilty as charged), although I have no idea how long this will last!

Purse: Primark £4
Umbrella: Fulton £20 (Jokes, Poundland, £1)

Yes. Genuinely my phone. No its not temporary. Owned it for 1 and a half years. Moving on...
Ipod Classic
Carmex lip balm: Primark £2
Diary: WHSmith £6.99
Glasses Case: Claire Accessories
Victorias Secret Love is Heavenly Body Mist Travel Size £9.00 (Favorite Scent!)
Sunglasses: New Look £2.99

Whats in your bag!?