Friday, 14 June 2013

Cocoa Brown

Today I am reviewing a fake tan mousse I have heard oh so much about! 
Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan mousse is a 'revolutionary' self tan, which can develop colour in just 1 hour, and can last up to 7 days.

I usually wear St.Moriz self tan mousse, applied a day before I need it, leaving it to develop overnight before showering. Or, if its a last minute fix i need, Sally Hansen airbrush legs comes and saves the day! (top product! I would recommend it, but beware, it will stain your carpet!) So after reading up about CB, i figured it may be a suitable replaced for both of my previous tanners!

The Review:
I love the packaging, its modern, fun and in a metal container (easier to clean/doesn't stain like plastic bottles do) and comes with handy tanning tips!
The mousse itself is a MUCH better consistency than st St.Moriz one, which I find to be quite watery and takes ages to absorb into the skin. Also, prepare for the delight you feel when you realise there is no fake tan smell! Which instead has been replaced by a heavenly fruity smell which reminded me of a shampoo/conditioner type scent, fabulous!

Another application pro, is because the mouse is coloured, when applied it leaves the colour/trace of where the product has been, meaning, even coatings forever more! =)
As I am going out tonight, I decided to leave it on for the 3 hour development it suggests for a deeper tan.
Here are the results!

Before           After
The result was lighter than what I was expecting, (although this isn't a bad thing, and it also continues to develop slightly after showering) but I have to say it's a really natural, even looking colour! Perhaps more suited for an everyday tan than the quick fix before a night out, looks like sally's staying!

Comparing the St.Moriz and Cocoa Brown products, I will definitely be scraping Mr Moriz for Mr  Brown, as overall its easily a far superior product, and available for only £6 at selected Primark Stores!(£8 average in other retailers)

Happy Tanning!

Hannah x