Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fashion Drawing Course

As I have mentioned in a previous post, over summer I am following the 'Fashion Design Drawing Course' by Caroline Tatham & Julian Seaman to improve my confidence and skills in Illustration.

The book has 24 units (each a breif or a project) to complete, spread over 4 chapters:
Finding Inspiration
Illustrating Fashion
Planning and Designing
Communicating your Vision

Unit 1: Visiting a museum

In this first unit, I had to visit a museum and spend a day looking around all the exhibitions making quick sketches, to then pick one theme to use as an inspiration to form a small collection.
I visited The World Museum in Liverpool and decided on The Bug House, using the grasshopper as my main design source.

So here's a selection of pieces from my sketchbook!
(p.s: The images haven't scanned as well as I thought and some of my favorite pieces aren't even visable! I will keep this in mind when working on the other projects!)
Sketch taken at the museum
Experimenting with media
Garment ideas
trying to find 'the facce'

The Final Designs!