Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Concept Board
Having had a flick through my Portfolio from the past year, there are a few pieces that really stand out to me. In this blog I am sharing some of my work from one of my university projects, where we had to design an outfit out of recycled garments, based on a theme generated from a title we picked out of a hat.

The title was Domestic, and after research and other such boring things my mind somehow conjured up a theme I called AndroDomes (androgyny/domestic), based on the ideology that being androgynous, or crossing dress and other related issues 'break' the domestic norm and can cause fear, rejection and abuse from others.

I wanted to develop and design a garment which was androgynous, yet showed elements of protection from the possibility of facing abuse. Protection for being yourself.

Hope you enjoy looking!

Hannah x

Concept Board
Theme Board

Colour Board
Final Design

Back View
Photography: Andrew Meredith
Front View
Photography: Andrew Meredith