Monday, 3 June 2013

huh? I'm setting up a blog?

After months of deliberation, weeks of procrastination (...I mean preparation) D-Day is finally here...

... I have launched a blog! :O

With writing not being one of my strong points, or being blessed with any skill of expressing myself for that matter, also considering my lack in social media presence (apart from facebook, used primarily for candy crush purposes) I have decided it could only be beneficial to branch out into the world of tinterweb communication.

So in an exciting turn of events I have thrown myself into the deep end and set up a twitter account, as well as launching my blog!
I should warn you that this could possibly turn out to be one of the worst twitter profiles to be created, to find out, follow @HannahBascombex

If you are still reading this, it means I haven't put you off with my top notch promotional skill set. For that you should be congratulated, and for your reward, I shall unveil some of the ideas and content I plan on publishing through this blog!

- I have recently obtained shed loads of fabrics, pattern pieces and other componements to add to the other shed full. I was then faced with the parents sudden wrath of the dreaded 'clear out'. This hindrance somehow sparked the idea to modernise some of the patterns, make them up, and sell them, along with other textile and jewellery pieces! (wearmeoutx, makes more sense now?) So I can get rid of some of the fabrics and exercising what I have learnt at uni this year! Let us hope it all goes to plan!

- I feel my drawing/illustration skills aren't up to scratch, so I am following a book course titled 'Fashion Design Drawing Course' by Caroline Tatham and Julian Seaman in an attempt to improve my confidence and skills. I am aiming to upload some of my 'achievements' each week for some honest and critical feedback!

- Then as with any other blog I will use my corner of the internet to expose my own thoughts and opinions as well as a few updates on what's happening in my life!

Stay Tuned!

Hannah x