Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Money Saving Conquest!

Hey Hey!

After reading many a many blog posts recently about 'saving money' and going on spending bans an thrifty shopping..this got me thinking about my own terrible spending habits!

I am awful at saving. As soon as I have a penny I am looking to spend it on the nearest tat (as a haul post coming later on this week will show...ooops) After this haul and reading all these posts. I have decided to write down 5 things that I have seriously considered buying; and seen as I am now employed I would naturally run out and buy on payday, and weigh up the pros and cons of each to see if they're genuinely worth buying.

As I was brewing up this master plan. I discovered the root to my mothers thriftiness as she said;
 "before you buy something, think about how many hours you would've worked, in order to pay for it" 

and alas... the plan 102839418 to save money began!

The Chosen 5
One I originally wrote on the list. 'Smartphone' I have already decided to go ahead with! I have never ever owned any smartphone of any kind. The closest I had was a phone with a touchscreen but it only sent texts and called people! haha! All I wanted from this phone 'upgrade' was for it to have a high megapixel camera, and good internet access. I found the Sony Xperia T, which when bought on contract from Three Mobile cost me £20 for the all you can eat data and etc per month. So that's 4 hours of work a week to give me a phone for a month. Brilliant!

The other four...

1) Microbraid extensions
I have wanted these done for many years (I think possibly when Zoe Birkett was on pop idol in 2001) but I only wanted a couple of these done in the very front of my hair, that bit in front of your ear which is just never right. However, I had a scalp condition that prevented me from looking into it, until finally this year we have discovered a treatment which is working for me. I then went straight for a consultation (see about the quick spontaneous spending) and have been quoted £120 to have it done! That's around 18 hours of work so still undecided on whether or not to take the plunge!

2) Printer
Since being on my course at uni, one of the biggest problems and expenses I have faced is printing. I had been considering buying a printer, a fancyish one with a scanner and for it to possibly print A3 to save time, hassle to grief. After a quick visit to costco I saw that they had a few available. Dad caught me browsing and we got discussing if its worth it or not. In short he said don't think about getting an A3 one, as the type of work I do, the amount of ink it would take would end up costing me MORE than it already is! He agreed though on an A4 printer and we are just waiting on some fantastic deal to appear out of mid-air!

3) Hair Diffuser
This is just an ease thing, in my uni house as a money saving choice we avoid putting the heating on, this however means my hair can take ages to dry! So I had considered getting a hair diffuser so I can dry it curly then go. However seeing the results of most of them.. I may just ask for it as a present. We shall see how we go!

4) Black Dungarees
I put this on the list as I have been searching for the perfect pair for what feels like years so I know as soon as I see a pair I like I will pay for just to rid the issue.
Having a nosey on the internet today. I have seen a pair on ASOS for £31.50 which I really like. Then a similar pair for half the price at £18 from boohoo, but you can even tell from the picture it isn't half as nice which led me to a conundrum hopefully you would be able to help me out on.

Is it worth paying more for something which may be only slightly nicer?

Boohoo £18
ASOS £31.50

What are your 'money saving' tactics?