Thursday, 11 July 2013

WearMeOutx Wardrobe Update!

After weeks of research and prep I am finally in a position to share what I have been up to on the dress making front!


My Grandad used to work at Liverpool Docks drawing up technical designs and blueprints of boats in ink onto a woven linen like canvas which had been treated with some gluey substance to stiffen. (thank god for technology so I don't have to do that) He had kept a number of these which he has now passed onto me to make some use out of them!

After numerous attempts of trial and error experiements I have found how to remove the gluey substance so that it leaves the print on the fabric!


Using this fabric, I have designed (doodled) a couple of tops and shirts to create; the reason I can only really make tops is because the length is fairly short and I have to keep it this way so the writing and drawing is the right way up! ec-cet-a-rwar