Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Prime Time! Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer is a clear gel like product designed to give a smooth canvas for make up application. It costs £8.99 for a little 7ml pot! Extremely Cute and Make-up Bag friendly! Although I am slightly worried about ‘Value for Money’

This gel has a non-sticky formula that applies really easily onto the skin and leaves it feeling lusciously smooth! I honestly found it impossible to part my hands from my face I couldn’t stop stroking my cheeks! However, because the gel is clear it’s quite hard to tell where you have applied to product (I practically left out most of my nose…) but for the silky softness it gives, and the fact a little goes a long way, I will let that slide.

Make up after application

Mid-day review
6 hours after application my face is still feeling like a babies bum but I have noticed fading on my chin, apart from that my make up remains pretty intact! Silly me went shopping so I forgot to take a snap! Apologies!

End of the Day
I am not quite sure what happened in the past 4 and a half hours but the make up has faded so my imperfections are more visible! Which is really upsetting as I was loving this product! I guess 8 or so hours wear isn’t too bad! Still feeling soft but the lasting power has ended!

my make up after a hard day!

Scores! (out of 10)
Packaging: 9
Value for Money: 7
Lasting Power: 8
Usability: 8

32 out of 40!

Would you use a 'gel primer'?