Friday, 2 August 2013

Dior Over Curl Review.

Hey Guys! 
 This post is kind of a make up review / is it worth paying more? kinda post! I have had an issue with mascaras for half my life. 

With having naturally long eyelashes and wearing glasses, I faced the mare that when I wore mascaras, they would just accentuate my eyelashes straight, outwards, so that they would hit the back of my lenses, snap, and leave black marks all over the back of my lenses! 
My previous routine to try and prevent this from happening, involved eyelash curlers then 4 different mascaras worn at the same time to try and get the to curl and stay up! 

Researching into which mascaras where best for this, two brands kept popping up. Lancome and Dior. Well I just thought,is this a joke? I have to spend £20 on a mascara to see if it will do anything!?
A few simple calculations later... I realised that I was spending a massive £29 a MONTH on masacara! £29! 

 So after growing some balls I decided I would treat myself into buying one.. So I trundled into a boots store and decided I would get the Dior Overcurl seen as the Lancome man was busy with a client. That's what made my choice. 

23 quid down the drain and a 2 hour train ride later I arrived home all excited to try it out. It comes in a neat little silver box which I destroyed through travelling! 
The tube of masacara itself corresponds with the metallic silver box it came in. Fancier stuff than your matte black and neon bottles of the High Street! 
The brush has a weird globular design to it... not the straight up 'c' shape you get with high street store 'curl' mascaras. Only way to see if it makes any difference is to use it! 

The first few days I didn't really feel it was WORTH £23... until I started working and putting it through to the test...

This is a picture taken at 7.30 yesterday morning. I curled my eyelashes using No7 Eyelash Curlers and applied the Dior overcurl mascara to the lower lashes and top lashes using the wiggly method (technical term there) 

 This photograph was taken 12 hours later at 19.30 after 8 and a half hours in work on the hottest day of the year!

So although the effects have died down.. There is no doubt in my mind that any high street mascara would have preformed aswell under these conditions! There's little smudging around my eyes my lashes still aren't lying flat, colour is still there, its evenly spread. I also quite like the look left.. very natural!

I don't think I will be returning to high street masacara in the near future!

Whats your opinion on high street VS high end?