Sunday, 18 August 2013

Autumn Winter 13 Trends: Make Up

As summer wraps up and they days are becoming shorter I thought I would start posting about different trends for Autumn Winter 13!

I'd say this autumn there are 3 key 'wearable' make up trends!


This sees dewy looking, fresh as ever faces, with no blush (eek!). natural coloured eyeshadows with the occasional microscopically thin line of eyeliner on the upper lashes!
 Fantastic excuse for a 'can't be bothered for make up today' excuse, it's on trend guys!


The modernisation of iconic looks from decades ago can't get old can they?
Well autumn/winter 13 collections saw new spins on grunge, punk and 60s make up looks
I especially love the first Anna Sui one, the subtle sectioning of the lower lashes is a really wearable take on the twiggy classic!

Berry Lips

Glamourous, Seductive and voluptuous berry coloured lips are perfect for the Christmas season. Can be hard to find a colour that works for your skin tone, I would advise spending the time finding the perfect one  though as the results can really finish off any look!

What Are Your Favorite Trends This Season?