Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Retro Glam Nails

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My first (and awful) attempt at the nails on the Rimmel
 Retro Glam advert! 

I tried to copy it the best I could.. I used a nude base instead of white as I personally really hate white nails! Then used the brush part of the models own nail art pen to create the black border! 
On reflection.. I need to let my nails grow longer.. and I also would try to repair the metal nib; as mine has dried up, that would create the circular blob at the base of the nail better. I did attempt to do this with the brush but they where all to different... so I spread the polish out to create a thick, curved 'half moon' border!

 I think this could look really nice as a 'french manicure' colour scheme.. a pinkish base with a white border? Will give it a go and try!

What are your seasons favorite nail trends?